Get a Greener Mortgage

It’s time to decouple homeownership in Canada from fossil fuel development. 

Home Purchase

This is the perfect time to choose a green mortgage. Homebuyers have access to the most government rebates and other incentives. Plus, you’ll dodge the dirty lending altogether. 

Mortgage Refinance

If you already have a home and want to access your equity, or you just want to switch your mortgage before your term ends.

Mortgage Switch

Canadian mortgages are usually set in 5 year terms. In most cases you may switch lenders penalty free at the end of your term.


Mortgages are the largest asset class held by Canadian banks for reason. 

A $300,000 mortgage at 5% will generate $226,131 in interest for a mortgage lender over 25 years (calculation).

Canadian banks lead the world in financed emissions.

Hallbar mortgages minimize the amount of interest that can be returned to the banks to finance emissions. For more details, see About Us

Hallbar Financial is a registered broker in good standing, and is regulated in Ontario by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority, our licence is #13454

No, Hallbar will help to arrange a greener mortgage on regular home, but more discounts, rebates, and incentives are available for green homes. In most cases, it makes sense to make your home greener before, or at the same time that you’re arranging your new green financing. You’ll save money on your mortgage, and your energy bill! 

Hållbar means sustainable in Swedish. Hallbar Financial (Canada) is affiliated with the non-profit Hå

No, there are no fees for using Hallbar. In most cases, Hallbar will find rebates and incentives that pay you for choosing a green mortgage. 

Yes, if you are in the middle of a term with them, they will likely charge a penalty. This is usually equal to three months interest, and can be included in the new mortgage. 

Our mission is to provide low-interest rate green mortgages to Canadians that don’t compromise on sustainability, so that everyone can own a home today without jeopardizing the homes of tomorrow.

We aim to be at or below the negotiated discount rates of big bank lenders while providing an unbeatable sustainability profile. 

The idea for Hallbar came from an analysis done on financial values chains in sustainability by graduate students studying at the University of Cambridge (UK). The study sought to understand the barriers which prevent Canadians from accessing fossil fuel free financing.